Skype for iPhone

An iPhone version of the very popular Skype's VoIP app will be available on 31.03.2009, while a BlackBerry version is scheduled for a late spring release.

A number of features from the desktop version of this software won't be in the iPhone one, including SMS, file transfers, and voice mail. It will also lack a feature that isn't in any of the mobile versions: video conferencing.

The Chief Operating Officer of Skype, Scott Durchslag, expects that their application will mange to gain popularity on Apple’s popular iPhone. He is pinning hopes on Skype’s most feature-rich mobile offering to appeal to both their new and existing customers.

Skype now has more than 400 million global users, and the number continues to rise as they expand further onto mobile phones.  The company previously announced its software will be available for Nokia and Microsoft Windows Mobile phones, and Google Android operating system support.

Skype looks to better compete with Verizon Wireless and AT&T, and offering free software for the iPhone will give it an important boost for future user battles.


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