Samsung Launches Mobile Movie Service

Samsung launched a service allowing its customers to buy or rent movies and TV series to download to their mobile phones.

It is currently available in Britain and Germany. Over 500 blockbusters such as The Dark Knight, RocknRolla and Ironman and hit TV series, including Gossip Girl, E.R. and Friends, can be downloaded and viewed on video enabled Samsung phones. Another 1000 movies expected by the end of June 2009. Samsung Movies will be available in other European markets later on this year. 

The films will start from £2.49 for 24 hour rental or from £4.99 to own.

The company said it eventually plans to offer the service on notebooks, MP3 and MP4 players, as well as on Samsung TVs. A 24-hour rental will incur a charge of $3.55 to rent and about double that to purchase a movie outright. 

The image aspect ratio is 16:9 and the sound is stereo though there are plans to bring 5.1-channel sound soon. So far, only the Samsung S8300 UltraTOUCH is supported for uploading mobile content, but more devices should be added. The OmniaHD will probably be among them - 16:9 screen and the HD video playback would be put to good use. 

The movies are from big Hollywood studios like Warner Bros., Paramount, Universal and Momentum Pictures.

The site itself can be browsed by genre or you can stick with the recommendations on the front page that are separated in five categories like Top Movies and New Releases or Cult Movies, Critic's Choice and Classics. These offer good variety - the Cult Movies category for example has Dirty Harry right next to Zoolander.

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